Manual Osteopathic Treatments


A gentle, hands-on approach that treats movement restrictions in your body’s tissues and restores function and balance to the body.

Some common conditions Manual Osteopathy can assist with:

⚕ Neck & Back Pain,
⚕ Headaches & Migraines,
⚕ TMJ,
⚕ Sciatica,
⚕ Tendonitis & Bursitis,
⚕ prenatal,
⚕ pediatric,
⚕ and more…

Manual Osteopathy includes various different Techniques in a treatment, such as:

⚕ Osteoarticular Mobilization
⚕ Techniques
⚕ Muscle Energy Techniques
⚕ Soft Tissue Therapy
⚕ Cranial Techniques
⚕ Visceral Techniques

What to expect from your Visit



When you Book your Initial Appointment, we ask for your First and Last Name and your email address.

You will receive an Intake Form via email, which you are expected to fill out online at least 24 hours before your visit.

Intake Form is your Medical History Review which we expect you to fill out in full and responsibly, taking time to think about every question and answer to the best of your ability.

Once the system asks you to sign, the Intake Form appears in your profile and we take the time to prepare additional questions to your answers if needed.

That shortens the time of paperwork and allows us to focus on examining the issue at hand and allows for a longer treatment on your first visit.



Patients are expected to arrive at least 5 minutes before their appointment time, to allow for an appointment to start on time.

If arriving late, your appointment will, unfortunately, have to be cut short.

We recommend soft clothes, such as leggings, soft trousers or a tracksuit.

*Please avoid smoking, alcohol and large meals for one hour before & after your manual osteopathic care and hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water before & after your care.



The first thing we will put our attention to is any additional questions arising from Medical History on the Intake Form, then we will continue to Assessment of the main concern, and possible connections to the issue presented.

Once we understand what we are going to address we continue to manual osteopathic treatment, which will consist of musculoskeletal, visceral and cranial treatments, all adapted specifically to the patient’s condition to correct any imbalances which may be causing discomfort and/or pain.



Once the session is over we will provide you with an osteopathic treatment plan.

We will give you recommendations based on what your post-treatment should be 24-48 hours after your session.

Your payment will be taken after the treatment is completed.

A paid in full receipt will be emailed to you automatically after payment.

And you will be assisted in booking your next appointment.

Our Fees

  1. OMT New Patient – 1 hour visit – $160
  2. OMT Follow up – 1 hour visit – $160
  3. OMT Home Visit – 1 hour visit – $180
Amazing Bodies Policy
  • Fees are payable directly by the patient
  • Our fees may be subject to change
  • Most private insurance companies cover all or part of the costs.
  • Forms of payments accepted are; Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Visa Debit, Debit Mastercard, Cash, Cheque.
  • Insurance receipts are automatically emailed to you as payment is made.
  • Cancellation Policy: Any cancellation must be made at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise you will be charged the full amount for your missed appointment prior to your next appointment.